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Join the March MATHness Madness with Our Black Girl MATHgic Feature! 🏀➕📐

I’m thrilled to announce that I'll be the featured mathematician for Black Girl MATHgic's March box! Get ready to dive into the exciting world where math and basketball intersect as we celebrate March MATHness in style. Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect from this math-filled adventure:

The Theme: March MATHness Madness

Get ready to dive into the exciting mix of math and basketball. From navigating fractions to exploring probabilities and geometry, kids will discover the math woven into every aspect of the game. An ideal chance for young sports fans to boost their math abilities while enjoying the magic of the court.

My Feature

As the featured mathematician, I’ll guide kids through the fascinating journey of how I found success at the intersection of math and basketball. From unraveling the secrets behind winning strategies to discovering the mathematical principles underlying the game, I'll inspire young minds to explore the limitless possibilities when math meets the magic of the court.

Join the Math-Filled Fun!

Whether you're a subscriber or looking to purchase a single box (Coupon code:DEJAUNE at Checkout),don't miss out on the excitement of March MATHness Madness.

Get ready to receive your box between March 8-11 and embark on a journey where math skills are the ultimate slam dunk.

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